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FRIDAY, JULY 11, 2025 | 2 PM-6 PM


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Abstract Submission Guidelines

MEMBERS 2022 Pediatric Bone Symposium on June 10, 2022, at Four Seasons Hotel, in Atlanta, Georgia. The symposium will be held from 9 am to 12 pm ET.

HGF 现在正在接受重点关注具有挑战性的临床病例和原始儿科骨骼研究的演讲摘要,包括罕见的遗传性骨病的生物学以及诊断和管理方法。



This Symposium will provide basic education to trainees and Faculty to learn more about bone disorders including the biology of diseases and the approach to diagnosis and management. 







美国东部时间 2022 年 5 月 26 日下午 5 点






摘要将在 上在线发布。






Human Growth Foundation 为参加 Human Growth Foundation 儿科骨骼研讨会提供多项奖励和旅行补助。旅行补助金颁发给已获准在研讨会上展示摘要的在训教师和新教师提交的优秀摘要。所有奖项的获奖者选择均基于奖项标准和抽象分数。



  1. 您必须是摘要提交的第一作者和主讲作者。

  2. 您目前必须正在接受培训(研究生、医学院学生、临床或博士后研究员)或处于早期职业生涯的初级教师(在完成奖学金和/或任命的第 1 至第 5 年内 5 年内)。

  3. 摘要提交不会自动为您注册人类生长基金会儿科骨骼研讨会。

  4. 提交后,摘要的提交作者同意注册并参加人类生长基金会儿科骨骼研讨会以提交摘要。



American Journal Experts 提供编辑服务、语言编辑、翻译和海报格式化服务。












  1. 提交的摘要不能包含在摘要提交时之前在美国全国会议上提交的数据。

  2. 提交的摘要不能包含在提交摘要时已在任何在线或 Pub Med 索引场所接受发表的数据。

  3. 违反者将被撤回摘要,并可能被禁止在未来的 HGF 研讨会上发言。



您可以将相同的摘要提交给 Endo 或全国会议。


Ethical Issues and Conduct:

Authors who submit abstracts with or engage in publication ethical violations will be subject to exclusion for future abstract submissions.


If the Work has been prepared by an Author(s) as an employee within the scope of his or her employment, the Author(s) represents that the employer has been made aware of, and consents to, the terms of this License. This License includes an authorization for the employer to make copies of the Work for its own internal use.

If all Author(s) are US Government employees and the Work was written as part of the official duties of the Author(s) as employees of the US Government, then the Work may not be subject to US copyright or the ownership provisions of this License. Nevertheless, to the extent allowed by, and consistent with, applicable law, the Author(s) authorize publication of the Work in the Human Growth Foundation publication (website, et al) under terms equivalent to those provided for in the license and agree to all of the warranties specified in the license.


Ownership of the Work

Human Growth Foundation acknowledges and agrees that the Author(s) of this Work own all right, title and interest of any nature, throughout the world, to the Work, including any copyright registration or applications for copyright registrations relating thereto anywhere in the world. The Work as defined includes but is not limited to text, figures, tables, artwork, abstracts, cover images, summaries, and supplemental data. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Human Growth Foundation may secure copyright registration for any collection or compilation in which the Work is published by the Human Growth Foundation.

The Author(s) grants to Human Growth Foundation, for the full term of copyright and any extensions thereto the sole and exclusive (except as provided in this Agreement), irrevocable license to publish, reproduce, distribute, transmit, display, store, translate, create derivative works from and otherwise use the Work in any language or in any form, manner, format, or medium now known or hereafter developed without limitation throughout the world, and to permit and/or license others to do any or all of the above.


Use of the Work

The Author(s) agrees that when reproducing the Work or extracts from it, the Author(s) will credit first publication of the Work in the Human Growth Foundation publication (website, et al) by name.


The Author(s) retains the following nonexclusive rights:

  1. The Author(s) reserves the right after the publication of the Work to use all or part of the Work in compilations or other publications of the Author's own works and to make copies of all or part of the Work for the Author's use for lectures, classroom instruction, or similar uses.

  2. The exclusive license granted to Human Growth Foundation permits the following: after the publication of the Work by the Human Growth Foundation publication (website, et al), third parties are automatically granted permission to use figures and tables created by the author(s) and contained in the Work for non-commercial use.

  3. The Author(s) reserves the right to post the Work (including Human Growth Foundation's formatted PDF) after final publication on the Author(s)'s web page provided that a link to the article in the Human Growth Foundation's online publication is included.

  4. The Author(s) reserves the right to post and update the Work on pre-print services provided that the Human Growth Foundation-formatted files (HTML and PDF) are not used and that a link to the Work in the Human Growth Foundation's online publication is included.


Protection of the Work:

The Author(s) authorizes the Human Growth Foundation to take such steps as it considers necessary at its own expense in the Author(s)'s name and on their behalf if it believes that a third party is infringing or is likely to infringe the copyright in the Work.

These Terms are governed by the internal laws of the State of New York. The Author(s) agrees that any action arising out of or in any way relating to these Terms may be brought only in a court of competent jurisdiction in the State of New York, and the Author(s) hereby consents to the jurisdiction, venue and convenience of such courts. Any waiver of any provision of these Terms will be effective only if it is in writing and signed by the Human Growth Foundation. No waiver of any provision of these Terms shall be deemed a further or continuing waiver of such provision or any other provision. If any provision of these Terms is found to be invalid, void or unenforceable by any court having competent jurisdiction, the remainder of these Terms shall remain in full force and effect.



Submitting (contact) authors may log in to edit their abstract up until the abstract submission deadline.

NO REVISIONS to the abstract or the list of authors will be allowed once the site closes on

MAY 26, 2022, 5 PM ET, USA.

Abstract Withdrawal:

  1. Abstracts may be withdrawn by sending an email to Daphne Plump at

  2. A withdrawal request must be submitted by the submitting (contact) author and include the abstract submission confirmation number.


Notice of Abstract Acceptance:

Abstract notifications will be emailed to presenting (contact) on February 15, 2020.


Ethical Issues and Conduct:



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