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The Human Growth Foundation is an equal-opportunity employer. Our policies and employment procedures are designed to ensure that only the highest-quality staff is selected to work with our team.


All applicants must submit an Application which will be reviewed for minimum qualifications. Applicants meeting the minimum qualifications will be further considered for continuation in the recruitment process.


Candidates will be subject to:

  1. Interview

  2. Reference and background checks, including fingerprint screening

  3. Possession of a valid Driver’s license and good driving record (Case by case basis)

  4. Post-offer pre-employment drug screening performed by a licensed physician at HGF’s expense to determine if the candidate can meet the position's requirements. Reasonable accommodation for physical disability will be made where possible.

  5. Skills testing (depending on position)


To Apply
Review the position and job announcement for special qualifications, and submit your application before the filing deadline if one is listed.

Learn on-hand skills! 


The internship is a non-paid position. You earn college credit, professional development, and mentorship.


It is ideal for dedicated individuals who would like hands-on experience in event production/planning, marketing, and public relations. Our internship program can be customized to meet your college credit requirements. 


  • Gain college credit.

  • Gain valuable, professional work experience.

  • Explore a career path.

  • Give yourself an edge in the job market.

  • Develop and refine skills.

  • Network with professionals in the field.

  • Gain confidence.


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